October Zendikar Rising League Weekend

That's a wrap for the first Zendikar Rising League Weekend! Check out the decklists across both leagues, relive each MPL feature match, and get ready for the next League Weekend on November 7-8. 

League Weekend Decklists

The best players in the world. The latest Standard decks.


Zendikar Rising Championship

$250,000. 72 members of the Magic Pro League and Rivals League. The best players on MTG Arena. Continue your climb to the top at the Zendikar Rising Championship.

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Magic Pro League

Meet the Top-Ranked Players on Standings

Ken Yukuhiro
Japan (JP) death_snow death_snow UC3hzuGAfkQKAIkvqMN658bQ deathsnow
Piotr Glogowski
Poland (PL) kanister_mtg Kanister_mtg kanister
William Jensen
United States (US) HueyWJ HueyJensen Huey
Paulo Vitor Damo da Rosa
Brazil (BR) pvddr PVDDR PVDDR
Chris Kvartek
United States (US) kavartech Kavartech Kavartech
Lee Shi Tian
Hong Kong (HK) leearson LeeArson leearson
Shota Yasooka
Japan (JP) yaya3_ yaya3_ yaya3
Brad Nelson
United States (US) fffreakmtg fffreakmtg Fffreak

Rank up in MTG Arena and you could compete at the upcoming Zendikar Rising Championship. Start honing your skills today and embark on a path to glory.

Magic the Gathering: ARENA Beta

Zendikar calls. A quest awaits. So gather your adventuring party and prepare for perilous challenges and priceless rewards. If you’re to claim the treasure you seek, you must be bolder than the rest.