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The Command Zone, a popular Commander focused podcast and YouTube gameplay series, is going live! Join Jimmy Wong and Josh Lee Kwai, the creators and hosts, for the first in a series of live streams of the podcast where you can join in the discussion.

"It's gonna be super fun to hang out and interact with the audience in a live setting!" said Josh Lee Kwai. "Definitely not something we get to do very often."

What is a burning Commander question that you've always wanted to ask Jimmy or Josh? Ask them directly! During Command Zone Live you can connect with the Command Zone crew via chat, asking questions and picking up some tips and tricks for your next game.

Each of these live streams are free to join and watch. You can register to attend the May 10 live episode now using the sign-up form below. We will have more information to share about upcoming episodes soon, so check back in regularly for updates!

Available Now

Outlaws of Thunder Junction

Welcome to the frontier plane of Thunder Junction! Everyone’s streaming in from across the Multiverse to be an outlaw here, so better practice your draw if you want to score big.