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2020 Season Grand Finals Invitation List

September 16, 2020
Wizards of the Coast

Congratulations to each of the players invited to the 2020 Season Grand Finals, taking place online through Magic: The Gathering Arena October 9-11, 2020

Participants can find additional 2020 Season Grand Finals details on the event information page.


First Last Invitation Source
Montserrat Ayensa Mythic Invitational
Autumn Burchett Players Tour Final
Austin Bursavich Players Tour Final
Patrick Fernandes Players Tour Final
Alvaro Fernandez Torres Players Tour Final
Ivan Floch Players Tour Final
Aaron Gertler Mythic Invitational
Piotr Glogowski Players Tour Final
Emma Handy Mythic Invitational
Junya Iyanaga Mythic Invitational
Michael Jacob Players Tour Final
Grzegorz Kowalski Mythic Invitational
Riku Kumagai Players Tour Final
Christoffer Larsen Players Tour Final
Christopher Leonard Mythic Invitational
Raphael Levy Players Tour Final
Luca Magni Mythic Invitational
Seth Manfield Players Tour Final
Matthew Nass Mythic Invitational
Gabriel Nassif Mythic Invitational
Brad Nelson Mythic Invitational
Christopher Palmiotti Mythic Invitational
Eetu Perttula Players Tour Final
Kristof Prinz Players Tour Final
Toni Ramis Pascual Mythic Invitational
Luis Salvatto Mythic Invitational
Luis Scott-Vargas Mythic Invitational
Sam Sherman Players Tour Final
David Steinberg Mythic Invitational
Benjamin Weitz Players Tour Final
Allen Wu Players Tour Final
Ken Yukuhiro Mythic Invitational
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