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2020 Mythic Point Challenges

The first two Mythic Point Challenges will take place on:

Mythic Point Challenge

Qualification Method from Ranked Play

February 29, 2020: Mythic Point Challenge – Ikoria

Be Top 1200 in Limited or Constructed in October, November, December 2019, or January 2020 Ranked Seasons

April 4, 2020: Mythic Point Challenge – Core 2021

Be Top 1200 in Limited or Constructed in March 2020 Ranked Seasons

All Mythic Qualifiers above are Standard Constructed format best-of-three.

Players qualify based on being in the Top 1200 in Mythic Ranking at the conclusion of the prior month's ranked season. Mythic Point Challenges will mirror the structure of Mythic Qualifiers, except players compete until they achieve 10 wins or 3 losses. 200 gems will be awarded to each player for each match win they earn in the event by the time their event ends.

Just like a Mythic Qualifier, Mythic Point Challenges will provide Mythic Points to players based on their match wins, with points being awarded starting at their fifth win.

These are new events and their specifics may change—such as how many players are qualified to compete, or how many wins or losses a player needs before their event ends. We'll be keeping a close eye on how this fits into our competitive system and make any changes we need to.