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2022 Magic Online Champions Showcase Season 3 Viewers Guide

January 16, 2023
Daybreak Games

The third Magic Online Champions Showcase of the 2022 season is here, featuring eight skilled players battling for their share of $70,000 in cash prizes, Magic World Championship invitations, and the title of the 2022 Season 3 Showcase Champion.

What Are the Formats?

The Season 3 Showcase event leads off with a Magic Online Vintage Cube Draft followed by a three-round Modern Constructed format event—both using Swiss pairings. If the same player wins both events, that player is the Season 3 Showcase Champion. Otherwise, the winner of each event will square off in a single Best-of-Three playoff match in Modern Constructed to determine the Showcase Champion.

How Much Money Is on the Line?

The 2022 Magic Online Champions Showcase Season 3 features a $70,000 prize pool. Here's how it breaks down:

Place Prize
1 $20,000
2 $15,000
3 $7,500
4 $7,500
5 $5,000
6 $5,000
7 $5,000
8 $5,000
TOTAL $70,000

Additionally, the finalist and winner of the Season 3 Champions Showcase earn invitations to the Magic World Championship taking place in 2023 at MagicCon: Las Vegas.

Who Is Playing?

The players for the third 2022 Champions Showcase feature eight competitors from a variety of qualifying events and Season 3 leaderboard of 2022 Magic Online Premier Play.

Name Handle Qualification
Shun Asano mei0024 At-Large Leaderboard
Damian Buckley Demian77 Standard Champion
Cain Rianhard sneakymisato Pioneer Champion
Karl Sarap Terribad Open #1 Champion
Stefan Schütz Mentalmisstep At-Large Leaderboard
Gleciano Souza leandru Modern Champion
Bart Van Etten diem4x Legacy Champion
Christopher Westerlund Floorscrub Open #2 Champion

How Can I Follow the Event?

The 2022 Magic Online Champions Showcase Season 3 will be streamed live beginning at 10 a.m. PT on January 21 at

Who Are the Casters?

Here's the broadcast team for the 2022 Magic Online Chamnpions Showcase Season 3:

How Can I Become the Next Showcase Champion?

Want to play along while watching the Showcase? Excited to try your hand at qualifying for a future Magic Online Showcase and earn your share of cash prizes and more? Leagues for Modern, Pioneer, and more are up right now, in addition to the Challenge events on Magic Online. Whether you become a Qualifier Champion or rise to the top of the Leaderboard, play the way you want and secure your invitation to a future Champions Showcase.

Check out the schedule of upcoming events, get all the details about the 2022 Magic Online Premier Play program, then get started today!

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