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A Crucible of Worlds Awaits with World Championship XXVI

January 28, 2020
Wizards of the Coast

Magic World Championship XXVI is almost here—with the live broadcast from Honolulu, Hawaii beginning February 14 at 11 AM PST (9 AM HST / 7 PM UTC)—and it's going to be huge. To celebrate, WPN Premium stores around the globe are hosting exclusive World Championship viewing parties for players like you to compete and win a small part of Magic's biggest weekend ever.

Throughout the entire Magic World Championship XXVI weekend, WPN Premium stores can schedule a Standard format Viewing Party: World Championship event where the Top 16 players win a promotional, alternate art copy of Crucible of Worlds provided to each location. On top of winning a promotional card, you can also be part of the excitement and thrill of the World Championship viewing party experience with select stores recording their festivities to share on the broadcast.

Find your nearest WPN Premium store and register to play and win during Magic World Championship XXVI today.

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