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Austin Bursavich Invited to the 2020-21 Magic Rivals League

October 20, 2020
Wizards of the Coast

The Magic Rivals League is inviting Grand Finals champion Austin Bursavich for the 2020-21 season.

Austin Bursavich

With a decade of strong play, Bursavich kicked off a string of high-level finishes at Mythic Championship VI in late 2019. With a Top Finish at Players Tour Phoenix, followed by his Top 16 finish at the Players Tour Finals and lower bracket rally to win the 2020 Season Grand Finals, his success across tabletop and MTG Arena events places him among today's top competitors.

Should Bursavich accept his invitation, his first appearance as a league player is tentatively scheduled for the November Zendikar Rising League Weekend, November 7 and 8. His October League Weekend matches will be rescheduled to sometime prior to the Zendikar Rising Championship.

The Rivals League Remains 48 Players

At the same time we are saying farewell to one of Magic's iconic players: Eric Froehlich.

Eric Froehlich

A Magic Hall of Famer with two decades of experience, Froehlich is one of the all-time greats with five Top Finishes and appearances across Magic's most prestigious events. Following Wizards Play Policy, as the spouse of a now fulltime employee of Wizards of the Coast, he is no longer eligible to compete in Magic Esports events. Froehlich will still be paid his full season salary.

We wish him the best as his journey with Magic takes a new road into the future.

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