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Challenger Gauntlet Final Standings

August 08, 2021
Wizards of the Coast

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Rank Name Points Invitation
1 Sam Pardee 30 Magic World Championship XXVII
2 Noriyuki Mori 24 Magic World Championship XXVII
3 Arne Huschenbeth 24 Magic World Championship XXVII
4 Keisuke Sato 18 Magic World Championship XXVII
5 Matti Kuisma 24 Rivals Gauntlet
6 David Inglis 18 Rivals Gauntlet
7 Ian Birrell 21 Rivals Gauntlet
8 Jan Merkel 21 Rivals Gauntlet
9 Gavin Thompson 24 Rivals Gauntlet
10 Sam Rolph 21 Rivals Gauntlet
11 Logan Nettles 21 Rivals Gauntlet
12 João Moreira 21 Rivals Gauntlet
13 Tomas Pokorny 18 Innistrad Championship
14 Piotr Wiktorzak 18 Innistrad Championship
15 John Girardot 18 Innistrad Championship
16 Yohei Nomiya 15 Innistrad Championship
17 Tim Wan 15 Innistrad Championship
18 Lars Luckhaupt 12 Innistrad Championship
19 Bernardo Torres 12 Innistrad Championship
20 Ron Branchaud 12 Innistrad Championship
21 Brad Barclay 9 Innistrad Championship
22 Toni Ramis Pascual 9 Innistrad Championship
23 Evan Kaplan 6 Innistrad Championship
24 Michael Bernat 3 Innistrad Championship

The order of final standings was decided by a player's exit in the Top 12 bracket, followed by their standing upon the completion of all Swiss rounds based on their total match points, their opponents' match win percentage, their own game win percentage, and then their opponents' game win percentage (in that order).

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