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Christian Trudel Wins Big at Toronto's F2F Tour

November 29, 2022
Mani Davoudi

This past weekend, 345 Canadian hopefuls converged upon Toronto for the first of two Regional Championships in Cycle 1. With 14 rounds of Pioneer standing between them and an invite to Pro Tour Philadelphia, as well as a World Championship invite for first place, players braced themselves for a weekend of grueling high-stakes Magic. When the dust settled it was Christian Trudel coming out on top, putting on a dominant 9-0 performance on the second day to win it all with Mono-Green Devotion.

Congratulations to Christian Trudel!

Trudel faced Jordan Tebby on Rakdos Midrange in the finals, a rematch of Round 12 of the Swiss. History repeated itself as Trudel won both matches handily, earning himself the title of Regional Champion. When asked about his deck choice, Trudel praised Mono-Green for being “overwhelmingly powerful” and believed the metagame may have overreacted by shifting away from the archetype so quickly.

Christian Trudel plays in the finals

Jordan Tebby plays in the finals


The Tour Championship Top 8 featured six unique deck archetypes piloted by a mix of fresh and returning players.

Jordan Tebby, Matthew Tonary, Derek Pite, Dalia Morin, Andy Peters, Michael Van Vaals, Christian Trudel, and Noe Offman

The Top 8 players from the Toronto Tour Championship also earned invites to the Pro Tour at MagicCon: Philadelphia in February 2023. Congratulations, and we look forward to seeing you represent Canada at the Pro Tour.


The FaceToFace Tour Weekend in Toronto featured a lot of amazing Magic, but it is not the end of the Cycle for the Canadian region. With the region’s invites being split among two events, it is going to be the upcoming Tour Championship in Calgary that will determine the other 8 Pro Tour Competitors (and one more World Championship Competitor!) for Canada. Players competing in the event will want to pay close attention to the metagame breakdown from this past weekend:

That’s all from Toronto! Be part of the next round of Regional Championships by finding a qualifying event near you!

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