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CommandFest Returns with Fifteen Events Worldwide

April 21, 2022
Wizards of the Coast

To celebrate the release of Commander Legends: Baldur's Gate on June 10, we're throwing a festival. Fifteen, to be exact.

Tournament organizers around the world will be bringing back the gathering in a big, big way this June and July as CommandFest makes its triumphant return.

CommandFest is an event focused on Commander, with a suite of opportunities for Commander play in addition to other ways to celebrate coming together and playing Magic as well as the release of Commander Legends: Baldur's Gate. Many of these events will require a badge but provide more Magic than you could possibly play in a weekend.

Ready to play? Each of these tournament organizers holds the key to the details for their event.

North America



  • Sydney, Australia (June 25–26): Good Games
  • Guangzhou, China (July 30): MTA
  • Osaka, Japan (July 30): J-Food

Latin America

Each CommandFest will feature promo cards as well. Check them out:

Check with the event's tournament organizer for how you can pick up one of these promo cards and reserve your spot in what are sure to be the biggest Magic events in, well, at least the last two years. We'll see you there!

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