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Get Ready For The Red Bull Untapped 2020 World Finals

October 28, 2020
Wizards of the Coast

After months of international qualifying events and the Week of Wings, it's time for the Red Bull Untapped 2020 World Finals— broadcasting live from the Xperion studio in Germany on November 1 at 12 p.m. CET (11 a.m. UTC / 3 a.m. PDT) on and

What Are The Prizes?

The 16 players battle for $75,000 in prizes—including the Top 4 earning invitations to compete at the Zendikar Rising Championship this December.

Who's Playing?

Across five months of qualifier events, and incredible set of 16 players qualified for the Red Bull Untapped 2020 World Finals. Including Magic luminaries such as Jan-Moritz Merkel, Michael Bonde, Yoshihiko Ikawa, and Ronald "PrediMTG" Müller alongside MTG Arena competitors from around the world, it's anyone's trophy to claim.

Qualifier Player
Online International Qualifier I Enrico Gobetti
Germany Online Qualifier I Stefan Günther
Spain Online Qualifier Marc Facerias
Italy Online Qualifier Andrea Gambacorta
Russia Online Qualifier Alexey Sukhikh
Online International Qualifier II Yoshihiko Ikawa
Online International Qualifier III Hoshi Yuki
UK Online Qualifier Luke Hancock
Online International Qualifier IV Kazune Kosaka
Online International Qualifier V Anthony Arevalo
Online International Qualifier VI Michael Bonde
Country Qualifier Japan Koutarou Ishibas
Germany Country Qualifier II Ronald Müller
Country Qualifier France Noham Maubert
Portugese Country Qualifier André Santos
Week of Wings Jan-Moritz Merkel

What Is The Format?

Featuring two MTG Arena formats—Historic and Standard—with a combination of Swiss pairings, followed by round robin pools to seed a Top 8 playoff bracket playoff, it's a one-day showdown to find the Red Bull Untapped 2020 World Finals champion.

The day begins with two rounds of Swiss pairings using the Historic format. Based on records and who-played-who during the two Swiss rounds, players are then split into four different pools—Zendikar, Ikoria, Theros, and Eldraine—for three round-robin matches using the Standard format. Finally, the two individuals with the best records within each pool are seeded into the Top 8 playoff bracket.

Check out the complete rules on the Red Bull Untapped 2020 World Finals event page for all the tournament details.

How Do I Watch?

The Red Bull Untapped 2020 World Finals broadcast takes place Sunday, November 1 beginning at 12 p.m. CET (11 a.m. UTC / 3 a.m. PDT) simulcast on both and An incredible team of talent—including commentators, MPL and Rivals League pros, and more—is lined up for the streaming event.

Eilidh Lonie Ally Warfield Amazonian
Andrea Mengucci Autumn Burchett Bryan Gottlieb
Eduardo Sajgalik Emma Handy Gerry Thompson
Javier Dominguez Lino Burgold Luca Van Deun
Marijn Lybaert Martin Jůza Nadine Grendelmeier
Niels Viaene Oliver Gehrmann Ondřej Stráský
Paulo Vitor Damo Da Rosa Piotr Głogowski Pleasant Kenobi
Reid Duke Riley Knight  

With streams providing commentary in multiple languages, plus streamers such as BGFreakle and Sol4r1s leading guest viewing parties packed with giveaways, the Red Bull Untapped 2020 World Finals is an event you don't want to miss!

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