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Jim Tim Lee Emerges Victorious at MIT Championship

December 06, 2022
Meghan Wolff

The first weekend of December, 55 players gathered in New Taipei City for Chinese Taipei's first Regional Championship. They played six rounds of Pioneer before cutting to the Top 8, where Jim Tim Lee, piloting Rakdos Midrange, emerged victorious. Congratulations to Jim Tim Lee, winner of the MIT Championship and Chinese Taipei's Regional Champion!

Congratulation to Jim Tim Lee!

Lee defeated Tzujui Huang, on Esper Control, in the finals. Lee earned qualifications to both Pro Tour I in Philadelphia, as well as next year's World Championship. His choice of Rakdos Midrange reflects the deck's rising popularity in recent weeks. As Lee said, "if you can't beat them, join them!"

Tzujui Huang and Jim Tim Lee play in the MIT Championship finals

Lee's best card of the weekend was Fable of the Mirror-Breaker because it is "threat, tempo, and filter, all in one."


The MIT Championship had one of the most interesting sets of Top 8 decklists from a Regional Championship yet. Mono-White Humans made huge gains, putting three copies into the Top 8, while the increasingly popular Rakdos Midrange and the surprise Esper Control were represented in the finals.

MIT Champs Top 8 Group, caption: The MIT Championship Top 8: Cheng Yu Chang, Tsai ChingChi, Tzujui Huang, ChengHsun Lin, Josh Zhen, Shu-Yu Hsueh, Jim Tim Lee, and Se̍k-Un Khó

Lee taking down the tournament with Rakdos Midrange reflects the deck's increasing popularity in the Pioneer metagame. It, along with Mono-White Humans, has seen some of the biggest gains since the opening weekend of Regional Championships in the middle of November.


This weekend marked the midpoint in the first cycle of Regional Championships. It's been great to see players around the world get back to in-person competition. We can't wait to see the qualifiers at Pro Tour I in Philadelphia next February, and at the World Championship in Las Vegas next fall.

Be part of the next round of Regional Championships by finding a qualifying event near you!

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