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June 2020 Partial Season Mythic Point Standings Update

June 26, 2020
Wizards of the Coast

With the conclusion of the June 2020 Mythic Qualifier, the Mythic Point earning portion of the 2020 Partial Season is at an end. Preliminary Mythic Point standings are now available.

2020-2021 Magic Rivals League and 2020 Mythic Invitational

Congratulations to the eight invitees to the 2020-2021 Magic Rivals League!

  • Baxtox
  • ChrisB
  • Law
  • Flashjack
  • Emrakul
  • Kumazemi
  • LordofIronforge
  • Ryuzo

While we originally planned to invite the Top 7 Mythic Point earning competitors to the following Rivals Legaue season, with a tie at 17 points we are extending invitation to both players for a total of eight.

Additionally, the Top 8 Mythic Point earning competitors for the full 2020 Partial Season who were not otherwise invited to the upcoming August 2020 Mythic Invitational were tied at 12 points. We are inviting both players tied at 12 points to the Mythic Invitational as well.

Top 200 2Q Mythic Point Competitors

While we are preparing to share more about our upcoming Magic Esports season structure and qualification paths, we wanted to ensure Mythic Point competitors through 2Q (April, May, and June) events were awarded a similar benefit for qualification eligibility as those from 1Q.

Preliminary Mythic Points Standings shows both the total Mythic Points earned during 2Q as well as the Top 500 players who earned Mythic Points across the entire 2020 Partial Season.

The breakpoint for the Top 200 Mythic Point earning competitors during 2Q was 4 Mythic Points, and these players will be awarded invitation to future qualifier events earned through placing in the Top 1,200 Mythic Rank for upcoming monthly MTG Arena Ranked Seasons.

We'll share more specifics about qualification opportunities through Ranked Season play in a future announcement.

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