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Magic World Championship XXIX Viewers Guide

September 12, 2023
Wizards of the Coast

The end of the 2022–23 season arrives with just over 100 players facing off for $1,000,000 in prizes at Magic World Championship XXIX, taking place September 22–24 at MagicCon: Las Vegas!

How Can I Follow the Event?

Magic World Championship XXIX will be streamed from MagicCon: Las Vegas all three days of the event, September 22–24, at Catch players, fans, and social coverage across the weekend at @PlayMTG with the hashtag #MTGWorlds.

On Friday and Saturday—September 22 and 23—broadcast begins at 2 p.m. ET (8 p.m. CEST // 3 a.m. JST 9/22–23) with three rounds of Wilds of Eldraine Draft followed by four rounds of Standard Constructed.

On Sunday, September 24 for the Top 8 playoff, broadcast begins at 1 p.m. ET (7 p.m. CEST // 1 a.m. JST 9/25) with all four quarterfinal matches played concurrently, followed by semifinals matches then the finals of Magic World Championship XXIX.

While competitors begin their Friday and Saturday at 9 a.m. PT on-site, broadcast begins later in the day at 11 a.m. PT (2 p.m. ET) with a featured drafter to follow into their Round 1 gameplay. As we continue the Magic World Championship XXIX broadcast we'll catch up to the tournament, showing a full feature match from every round and reducing downtime until we're pacing live gameplay on a short delay.

The Sunday Top 8 playoff broadcast begins at 10 a.m. PT (1 p.m. ET) showing a full quarterfinal match and then as many games from other quarterfinal matches as possible, moving on to a full semifinal match (and as much of the remaining semifinals match) then the complete finals.

When Will Magic World Championship XXIX Decklists Be Published?

Standard Constructed decklists for the tournament will be published on the Magic World Championship XXIX event page on Friday, September 22 at the beginning of Round 4 gameplay, approximately at 5 p.m. ET (2 p.m. PT).

Wilds of Eldraine Draft decklists will not be published.

Ahead of the event, there's even more decklist content for fans (and players) to prepare:

  • September 14: Frank Karsten breaks down Standard, now expanded with Wilds of Edlraine. Here's what the players—and you—should know before the event.
  • September 21: The decklists are in and the data is ready. Frank Karsten has the full scoop on the Standard metagame at Magic World Championship XXIX.
  • September 22: When the decklists go live there's plenty to check out, but Frank has done the work and found the spiciest decklists across the field.

These articles will be available here on at the Magic World Championship XXIX.

Broadcast Schedule

Friday, September 22: 2 p.m. ET // 11 a.m. PT // 8 p.m. CEST // 3 a.m. JST (9/23)

  • Broadcast ends after Round 7 at the end of Standard Constructed rounds.

Saturday, September 23: 2 p.m. ET // 11 a.m. PT // 8 p.m. CEST // 3 a.m. JST (9/24)

  • Broadcast ends after Round 14 at the end of Standard Constructed rounds and the Top 8 for Magic World Championship XXIX is announced.

Sunday, September 24: 1 p.m. ET // 10 a.m. PT // 7 p.m. CEST // 2 a.m. JST (9/25)

  • Broadcast ends after the Magic World Championship XXIX Top 8 is complete and the latest Magic World Champion is determined.

You can watch coverage for Magic World Championship XXIX each day here at and at

Who Are the Casters?

Can I Co-Stream the Event?

Following Twitch's Content Sharing Guidelines, you can co-stream Magic World Championship XXIX broadcast from using OBS or XSplit. This allows anyone on Twitch to cover the event in their voice and with their community. To be clear, co-streamed content is not endorsed by Wizards, and we expect anyone who participates in co-streaming to follow Wizards' Fan Content Policy.

Who Is Playing?

Nearly 110 competitors—from Regional Championship events, season-long performance, top finishers at Pro Tours, MTG Arena, Magic Online Premier Play and more—have invitations to play in Magic World Championship XXIX. The invitation list for Magic World Championship XXIX is available online (and subject to change).

How Will the Tournament Play Out?

Magic World Championship XXIX features two formats across three days of play, beginning with Wilds of Eldraine Draft followed by Standard Constructed on each of the first two days, then a Top 8 single-elimination playoff featuring Standard Constructed on the final day.

Day One, Friday September 22:

  • Rounds 1–3: Wilds of Eldraine Draft
  • Rounds 4–7: Standard Constructed
    • A record of 4-3 (12 match points) or better advances to Day Two

Day Two, Saturday September 23:

  • Rounds 8–10: Wilds of Eldraine Draft
  • Rounds 11–14: Standard Constructed

As players earn their 10th match win before Round 14, they will immediately advance to the Top 8 playoff. Final standings at the end of Round 14 will determine any remaining Top 8 slots available.

Day Three, Sunday September 24:

  • The Top 8 single-elimination playoff will feature Standard Constructed.
  • All playoff matches, including the finals, will be Best-of-Five games. The first two games of the match will be played without competitors using sideboard cards.

What Do Players Win?

Competitors that finish in the Top 8 receive invitations for each Pro Tour and the World Championship of the 2023–24 season.

All players compete for their share of $1,000,000 in prizes, with the World Champion winning $100,000. All competitors will receive at least $4,000 regardless of the final placing.

Place Prize
1 $100,000
2 $50,000
3–4 $25,000
5–8 $20,000
9–16 $18,000
17–24 $15,000
25–32 $10,000
33–43 $9,000
44–54 $7,000
55+ $4,000
Total $1,000,000**

**Assumes 104 players

How Can I Play in a World Championship?

Making it to the World Championship means battling on the path to the Pro Tour. Beginning with Regional Championship Qualifiers at your local game store, you can start on your path to the Pro Tour today. Earn your invitation to your Regional Championship at a qualifier event, then battle through the best from across your region in a Regional Championship to clinch your Pro Tour invitation!

Regional Championship Qualifier participants in qualifiers now through December 19, 2023 can earn their invitation to Regional Championships feeding the second Pro Tour of the 2023–24 season and receive a promotional An Offer You Can't Refuse card.

Top finishers in qualifiers can also earn a Death's Shadow promo card, with those earning invitations to the Regional Championship snagging it as a traditional foil version.

Your local WPN game store has the opportunity run these events, and they may be hosting one near you: check with your local store for more details on the what, the when, and the where.

To learn more about Regional Championship events for your location please visit your location's tournament organizer:

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