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Magic World Championship XXVII Prize Payouts and Appearance Fees

July 06, 2021
Wizards of the Coast

With the conclusion of the final League Weekend of the year, the field for Magic World Championship XXVII is starting to stack up—congratulations to all eight league players who qualified for the showdown this October!

  • Stanislav Cifka
  • Eli Kassis
  • Paulo Vitor Damo da Rosa
  • Seth Manfield
  • Gabriel Nassif
  • Matt Sperling
  • Ondřej Stráský
  • Yuta Takahashi

Eight more amazing players will join them through the 2020-21 postseason playoff events:

You can watch all the postseason action live at as we continue the road to Magic World Championship XXVII!

Today we're excited to share a little more about the upcoming World Championship, revealing the prize payouts and exciting appearance fees for these elite players.

Magic World Championship Prizes and Appearance Fees

First, it's been a bit of a year, and in recognition of the monumental accomplishment of qualifying for a World Championship during a period of time where the world at large has adapted to unexpected, massive challenges—including a global pandemic—each player who qualifies and participates in Magic World Championship XXVII will receive an additional appearance fee of $50,000.

With a prize pool of $250,000, there's still a lot on the line. Here's the payout schedule based on each player's finish:

Place Prize
1 $70,000
2 $40,000
3 $25,000
4 $18,000
5–6 $13,500
7–8 $10,000
9–12 $7,500
13–16 $5,000
Total $250,000

We're excited to showcase the best Magic players in the world this October 8–10. Stay tuned for more World Championship details, including the formats and tournament structure, as we kick off the 2020-21 postseason with the Challenger Gauntlet, August 6–8!

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