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Magic World Championship XXVIII Information for Invitees

June 14, 2022
Wizards of the Coast

Magic World Championship XXVIII takes place as a direct-challenge tournament using Magic: The Gathering Arena at Magic 30 in Las Vegas, USA on October 28–30, 2022.

We'll update this document to provide additional details for competitors, including deck submission, complete tournament structure, and other policy information closer to the event.


The formats for the Magic World Championship XXVIII are Dominaria United Booster Draft, Traditional Standard, and Traditional Explorer Constructed formats (Best-of-Three with sideboard) on Magic: The Gathering Arena.


Magic World Championship XXXVIII is an invitation-only tournament. The following players are invited to compete in Magic World Championship XXXVIII:

  • The Magic World Championship XXVII winner
  • The Top 6 finishers from the Innistrad Championship
  • The Top 6 finishers from the Neon Dynasty Championship
  • The Top 6 finishers from the New Capenna Championship
  • The five (5) MPL or Rivals players with the most World Championship Qualification Points during the 2021-2022 Season
  • The eight (8) non-MPL and non-Rivals players with the most World Championship Qualification Points during the 2021-2022 Season

The Magic World Championship XXXVIII invitation list is available online.

Tournament Structure

The event will be 14 rounds of Swiss, with 3 Rounds of Dominaria United Booster Draft, 5 Rounds of Traditional Standard Constructed and 6 rounds of Traditional Explorer Constructed, followed by a double-elimination Top 4 playoff with Traditional Standard Constructed.

Day One: 8 Swiss Rounds

Rounds 1-3: Dominaria United Booster Draft

Rounds 4-8: Standard Constructed

Day Two: 6 Swiss Rounds

Round 9-14: Explorer Constructed

  • Each Swiss round will be timed by tournament officials at 60 minutes:
  • Players must challenge their opponent by the time the round has officially started based on the time provided by the tournament organizer.
  • Players who have not been able to begin their match, but have received communication from their opponent, should contact a tournament admin once the round has begun.
  • At the end of 60 minutes, tournament admins will message players who have not yet reported their match. Players still in a match at that time are expected to respond to the admin's message to confirm they are still playing.

Top 4: Double-Elimination Bracket Playoff

Matches are best two-out-of-three games Traditional Standard Constructed. Choice of play or draw in each match is determined by the higher-seeded player.

Exception: The Championship Round will be best two-out-of-three matches.

  • Match 1 – The winner of the Upper Bracket chooses play or draw.
  • Matches 2-3 – The player who lost the previous match chooses play or draw.


There is a $500,000 prize pool which will be awarded to competitors based on their final standing in the tournament.

Place Prize
1 $100,000
2 $50,000
3-4 $25,000
5-8 $20,000
9-12 $15,000
13-16 $10,000
17-32 $7,500
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