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Mark Your Calendar for the 2020–21 Postseason

May 11, 2021
Wizards of the Coast

With the May Strixhaven League Weekend coming on May 15–16 and the Strixhaven Championship on June 4–6, the 2020–21 postseason events are just around the corner. Here are the dates you need to know to watch the top challengers and league competitors battle their way to World Championship invitations.

August 6–8 begins the postseason run with the Challenger Gauntlet. Featuring the top non-league competitors from the Zendikar Rising, Kaldheim, and Strixhaven Championships, the Challenger Gauntlet has players battling it out for four invitations to the 2021–22 season of the Magic Pro League and Magic World Championship XXVII. Plus, the next eight top-finishing players of the Challenger Gauntlet advance to the Rivals Gauntlet with guaranteed Rivals League invitations and the potential to earn World Championship and 2021–22 season MPL invitations.

September 2–5 is a double-header weekend as both the Rivals Gauntlet and MPL Gauntlet take place, determining the final invitations to the 2021–22 season of the MPL and Magic World Championship XXVII.

Of the 24 players entering the Rivals Gauntlet, the top four finishers will earn invitations to the 2021–22 season of the MPL, with the winner netting a Magic World Championship slot as all remaining competitors receive 2021–22 season Rivals League invitations.

Of the 24 players entering the MPL Gauntlet, two more players will earn invitations to Magic World Championship XXVII. The top eight finishers receive invitations to the 2021–22 season of the MPL, and remaining competitors are invited to the Rivals League.

October 8–10 is the capstone to the 2021–22 season: Magic World Championship XXVII.

Featuring the top 16 players from across the 2020-21 season, the best-of-the-best battle for the greatest title in the game:

  • The winner of Magic World Championship XXVI
  • The Top 4 MPL players from season standings
  • The Top 4 Rivals League players from season standings
  • The winner and finalist from the MPL Gauntlet
  • The winner of the Rivals Gauntlet
  • The Top 4 from the Challenger Gauntlet

The postseason is almost here, and we look forward to sharing formats, structures, and prizes soon. You can watch each Gauntlet and the next World Championship live at!

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