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October CommandFests and 2023 Eternal Weekend Details

August 08, 2023
Wizards of the Coast

The final quarter of 2023 will play host to some exciting events, featuring everything from Commander, eternal formats, and a weekend of some of its most iconic and powerful cards ever printed in a celebration of Magic: The Gathering!

CommandFests in October

First up is our last round of CommandFest events for 2023, which are taking place in October!

October will feature a total of four stops across North America, Europe, and China on the following weekends:

As with previous CommandFests this year, each event organizer will have event-specific details on their website. For this round, we will be debuting a new Commander promo card that you will find at October's CommandFests for the very first time and that's a full-art, textless Reliquary Tower featuring artwork from Carissa Susilo.

Both non-foil and foil copies of Reliquary Tower will be available at CommandFests in October. Non-foil copies of Reliquary Tower will be available at select events as a CommandZone promo, while foil copies of Reliquary Tower will return in 2024 with more CommandFest events to be announced.

Get your Commander decks ready, order a badge from your nearest organizer, and get ready for a fun-filled fall of CommandFest!

Eternal Weekend Returns in 2023

It's that time again for fans of all things powered by Ancient Tombs, moxen, and lotuses! Eternal Weekend returns in 2023 this fall, with three stops spanning the Europe, Japan, and the United States!

Eternal Weekend is—as its namesake implies—a weekend for all things Eternal. That means lots of Vintage, Legacy, and old format excitement. Eternal Weekend also plays host to two championship tournaments at each stop:

  • The Vintage Championship
  • The Legacy Championship

As has been tradition, these events have been commemorated through one of Magic's most unique first-place prizes for a tournament: Original paintings of iconic cards from the formats embedded in an oversized card frame. This year is no different on that front... though for Vintage, you may be a bit blown away by what we have lined up for this one.

That's right! The winner of each Vintage Championship tournament for this year's round will be walking away with an original painting of one of Magic's most iconic cards: the Black Lotus, in three different stylings from three artists. Europe's Vintage Champion will head home with a beautiful Black Lotus featuring the artwork of Raoul Vitale. Japan's Vintage Champion walks away with a glorious Black Lotus featuring the artwork of Jarel Threat. And finally, the Vintage Champion of the United States will crown their victory with a magnificent Black Lotus featuring the artwork of Scott M. Fischer.

But that's not all. The Legacy Championship events also crown their winners with prize paintings, and this year's line-up leans into a legendary archetype of the format.

Fans of Volcanic Island will be thrilled to win an oversized framed painting featuring a card they have enjoyed through the color-pairing's history within Legacy. Europe's Legacy Championwalks away with a new take on Force of Will featuring the artwork of Alan Pollack. The winner of Japan's Legacy Championship scores a new take on Volcanic Island featuring the artwork of Mark Tedin. And finally, the winner of the United States Legacy Championship will receive the iconic Lightning Bolt featuring the artwork of rk Post.

In addition to prize paintings, the top 8 prize cards for the Legacy Championship and Vintage Championship return this year, and this time that will be retro-frame and traditional foil!

The Top 8 players of each Vintage Championship taking place later this year will earn a copy of a Mental Misstep promo card featuring artwork from Kai Carpenter.

The Top 8 players of each Legacy Championship taking place later this year snag a Dragon's Rage Channeler promo card featuring artwork from Patrik Hell.

There will be three weekends in total for Eternal Weekend in 2023, with the dates, locations, and organizers as follows:

  • November 17-19 in Prague, Czech Republic—hosted by JK Entertainment
  • November 25-26 in Aichi, Japan—hosted by BIG MAGIC
  • December 8-10 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania—hosted by Card Titan

Each event will feature additional side events as well as the Vintage and Legacy Championships, respectively. For full details, including the schedule for events and special guests, check with each organizer for more info. (We'll update and link to each event site when it's available.)

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