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Play Promos Await with The Brothers' War

October 31, 2022
Adam Styborski

If you're excited to play with the latest cards from The Brothers' War, then your local game store is one of the best places to do just that. In addition to meeting fellow fans and finding more of the Magic you want, stores' events offer ways to add even more cards to your collection.

Here's a bundle of helpful uncommons from The Brothers' War.

These cards care about the count of a basic land type you have in play (so they play nice with Molten Tributary and friends in Dominaria United) and feature the return of two cards from Magic's past first printed in 1998 with Urza's Saga: Blanchwood Armor and Corrupt!

5623 5853

With new The Brothers' War promo packs available at local game stores, through events such as Friday Night Magic and more, cooler versions of these cards await you:

Visit your local game store to learn all the ways you can play Magic!

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