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Qualify for the First Pro Tour of 2025 and Earn Awesome Promos!

February 07, 2024
Wizards of the Coast

While you can still qualify for Pro Tours in 2024, with Regional Championship Qualifiers for the third Pro Tour taking place right now, the upcoming qualifier season to kick off paths to 2025 Pro Tours will start up in April!

Get started early to set yourself up for a thrilling 2025 in competitive Magic!

Upcoming Regional Championship Qualifiers

The first round of 2024–25's Regional Championship Qualifiers (RCQs) will begin on April 20, 2024, and will run until July 21. WPN stores that participate, as well as larger organizers that run larger destination events, will award qualifications to the corresponding Regional Championships that take place in the fall of this year (more details on those championship events later in the article).

RCQs run at the WPN level for this round will either be Limited or Pioneer Constructed. Note that larger events designated as "destination" qualifiers—open tournaments typically run in larger venues such as hotel ballrooms or convention centers—may be run as other Constructed formats as well. Please check with your local organizer for all the specific info on qualifiers closest to you.

The new RCQ round also means new Secret Lair promo cards for participants, as well as prize cards for top finishers:

Springleaf Drum
Goblin Guide

April 20 to July 21 Regional Championship Qualifier promo cards*:

  • March to the beat of your own Springleaf Drum! This new variation on Springleaf Drum features art from John F. Malta and is available to participants in this upcoming round of RCQs! Non-foil copies will be available through RCQs hosted by WPN stores. Traditional foil copies may be available at other larger events, or as side event participation cards at the Regional Championship round. Please check with your regional organizer for all details on how to get these.
  • Goblins continue their tradition of not being very good guides, but why would that ever stop them from trying? This new variation of Goblin Guide features artwork from Luke Pearson. Non-foil copies will be available to top finishers in RCQ events, while those who earn qualifications to this round's Regional Championship will score a traditional foil copy.

(*Promotional cards received where available and while supplies last. Prize promo availability may differ by region and may change at Wizards of the Coast's discretion. Check with your regional tournament organizer and hosting game store for more information.)

Regional Championships for Pro Tour 1 in 2025

The Regional Championships for Pro Tour 1 in 2025 will be scheduled between September 28 and December 1.

Top finishers from these regional tournaments earn invitations to the first Pro Tour of 2025 (Pro Tour 1), with invites varying by region. The winners of each Regional Championship—as well as the finalists from the USA, Canada*, EMEA, and Japan—will also qualify for 2025's Magic: The Gathering World Championship, happening later in 2025.

*Note that Canada has shifted to one Regional Championship per round for the 2024–25 season. The invitation for the region's second Regional Championship to the World Championship has been added as an invitation to the finalist of their Regional Championship.

Regional Championship Secret Lair prize card:

  • Seasoned Pyromancer: Sometimes you just have to ask the burning questions. For example, "What if a pyromancer's elementals were kitty cats?" Artist Jack Teagle delivered on what that might look like with a fantastic variation of Seasoned Pyromancer. Each Regional Championship participant gets a non-foil copy of this Secret Lair prize card, while top finishers in the Regional Championship also get a traditional foil copy! For exact award breakdowns for traditional foils, please check with your regional organizer for details regarding their Regional Championship event.
Seasoned Pyromancer

Qualify for the Pro Tour Today!

While the 2024–25 season kicks off in the coming weeks, it's still not too late to qualify for a Pro Tour happening in 2024! Regional Championships for Pro Tour Thunder Junction are taking place this and next month, and they typically offer last-chance qualifiers that may get you an entry into one of those championship tournaments. Additionally, RCQs for Pro Tour Modern Horizons 3 are going on right now at WPN stores near you!

Additionally, starting with the RCQs for the 2024–25 season, organizers have changed in the USA, EMEA, and Mexico, Central America, and the Caribbean. Please refer to the links below for information on the upcoming RCQs that begin in April. Keep in mind that the organizers from 2023–24's RCQs will be managing the Regional Championships taking place through June of this year, so refer to those organizers for all details related to those upcoming events.

Start your journey to the Pro Tour and the Magic: The Gathering World Championship today with events in your region:

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