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Qualify for the Second Pro Tour of 2023 and Get These Promos

July 28, 2022
Wizards of the Coast

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The new Path to the Pro Tour is already underway and as players are competing to qualify for the first Pro Tour of 2023—"Pro Tour 1" taking place in Philadelphia, PA, USA—we have more details for you on the qualifying round for the second Pro Tour next year, "Pro Tour 2."

Upcoming Regional Championship Qualifiers

The qualifying round for the Regional Championships for Pro Tour 2 starts October 1, 2022, and runs through December 18, 2022. Participating WPN stores as well as larger organizers will be running Regional Championship Qualifiers (RCQs) that provide invitation to the Regional Championship for their respective region. These Regional Championships will take place in the first quarter of 2023 and qualify players for Pro Tour 2 later in 2023.

This round of RCQs includes new promos you can earn competing in these events within your region—and this time, they feature new, never-before-seen art in a borderless treatment:

October 1–December 18 Regional Championship Qualifier promo cards*:

  • Thraben Inspector: Non-foil versions are available by participating in local qualifiers. Traditional foil versions are available as well through participating in larger open qualifying events as well as side events at Regional Championships. This version of Thraben Inspector features new artwork from Yuko Shimizu.
  • Selfless Spirit: Non-foil versions are available to top finishers at qualifying events, while traditional foil copies will be awarded to players who earn invitations to the Regional Championship. This new printing of Selfless Spirit features new artwork from Justine Jones.

(*Promotional cards received where available and while supplies last. Prize promo availability may differ by region and may change at Wizards of the Coast's discretion. Check with your regional tournament organizer and hosting game store for more information.)

Regional Championships for Pro Tour 2

Regional Championships for Pro Tour 2 will be scheduled between February 25–April 9 in 2023. The format for these Regional Championships is Standard Constructed. (Editor's Note: The Regional Championship date range has been extended from April 2 to April 9.)

Top finishers from these Regional Championships earn invitations to the second Pro Tour of 2023 ("Pro Tour 2"), with exact invites varying per region. The winners of each Regional Championship (as well as the finalists in the USA, EMEA, and Japan) will also qualify for Magic World Championship XXIX later in 2023.

Regional Championship promo card:

  • Gideon, Ally of Zendikar: Non-foil versions will be provided to Regional Championship participants, while top finishers from each region will receive a traditional foil version of the card as well. This printing of Gideon, Ally of Zendikar features new artwork from Alexis Ziritt.

Qualify for the Pro Tour Today!

"Pro Tour 1" and "Pro Tour 2" aren't our final names—once we share the upcoming Magic sets of 2023 with Wizards Presents on August 18, we'll have memorable Pro Tour names that reflect the set you can play at each event.

And while RCQs for Pro Tour 2 start this October, there's still time for you to qualify for Pro Tour 1: upcoming qualifiers are your first step on the path to Regional Championships that take place between November 19 and December 18 later this year.

Start your journey to the Pro Tour and the Magic: The Gathering World Championship today with events in your region:

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