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Store Championships Arrive December 2021

August 24, 2021
Wizards of the Coast

In today's Magic Showcase 2021 announcements we shared the release schedule for the next year of Magic products and sets. It was packed with information and sneak peeks—and worth watching if you missed out on it.

We know players are excited to enjoy the coming Magic releases and look forward to ways to compete playing for more. We're committed to building competitive tabletop play opportunities beginning with in-store play, and the first is the return of the Store Championships this December 4–5.

Battle friends and compete in Standard, Modern, Pioneer, or Limited—the one that works best for and chosen by your local store—to take home exclusive promo cards in an event to be the champion where you play most.

Everyone who participates takes home Arbor Elf (while supplies last), Collected Company is awarded to the players in the Top 8, and the winner takes home Wurmcoil Engine. While every WPN store can be part of the Store Championships, WPN Premium stores will have their store name printed on the Top 8 and winner promo cards, making your victory there clear.

We'll share additional details about Store Championships later this year—but you can find your local game store and get ready for the showdowns December 4–5.

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