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The 3-0 Draft Metagame at Mythic Championship VI

November 08, 2019
Corbin Hosler

Succeeding at the Mythic Championship is about a lot more than Constructed—six rounds of the tournament are Throne of Eldraine Draft, and the Mythic Championship field provides the most comprehensive look at how the format stacks up at a high level.

So what strategies found the most success in Richmond at Mythic Championship VI?

  • White-Green: 10
  • Blue-Black: 9
  • White-Black: 8
  • Green-Black: 7
  • Blue-Red: 6
  • Blue-Green: 4
  • Blue-White: 4
  • White-Red: 3
  • Mono-Red: 3
  • Red-Green: 2
  • Black-Red: 2
  • Mono-Blue: 1
  • Mono-Green: 1
  • Mono-Black: 1
  • Mardu Knights: 1

Here are the major takeaways:

Two Colors Is Enough

Adamant—spending three of the same color of mana—is a major part of the set, giving players incentive to play as few colors as possible. Most winning players stuck to just two colors. Even in those two-color decks, many were slanted heavily toward one of the two colors and allowed for reliable adamant payments to get the most mileage out of cards.

But there was one player to buck that trend: Eli Kassis was the 3-0 player with the closest to a three-color deck. Predictably, it was centered around Mardu—black, white and red—Knights with Tournament Grounds and a pair of Heraldic Banners to help fix his colors.

Black Cards Lead the Way

At least in the first round of drafts at Mythic Championship VI, it was the black cards that had the most success. While Green-White—typically adventure-based—was the most successful color combination, black was in the next three most successful archetypes. With the best common removal spell in the set in Bake Into a Pie and a slew of Food generators, the color was very good at pairing across the spectrum and fitting into a variety of decks, including tribal Knights decks.

Mono-Color Is a Viable Option

Two colors is the norm, with some sets providing for up to three colors. It's rare that it's actually strategically correct to play a mono-color deck, but that's exactly what Throne of Eldraine provides for.

All colors but blue provided at least one 3-0 deck, with Mono-Red sending a trio of players to the promised land. One of the biggest benefits of playing a single color is that it allows for flawless casting of the hybrid-mana cards—as Sam Black demonstrated with Fireborn Knight and Rampart Smasher—as well as lands like Dwarven Mine.

Also viable in this format, as regular MTG Arena players know, is Mono-Blue Mill. Leave it to Ken Yukuhiro to pull it off at the Mythic Championship.

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