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The Faerie Mastermind: Yuta Takahashi

February 19, 2023
Adam Styborski


When Yuta Takahashi completed his rally back from an 0-3 start to make the Top 4 at Magic World Championship XXVII his triumphant shout echoed around the world. "YATTA!" became the rallying cry of fans online as the world watched Takahashi complete his journey and dominate the Top 4 playoff to become Magic's 26th World Champion–a title he spent his career chasing.

Now, with March of the Machine releasing later this year on April 21, the final piece of Takahashi's incredible victory arrives. Immortalizing his likeness, Faerie Mastermind is a card that honors the legacy of the World Championship win for the "King of Faeries" himself.

Plus, the extended artwork version of Faerie Mastermind will be available in March of the Machine Collector Boosters.

Congratulations again to Yuta Takahashi, Magic World Champion XXVII and the face of Faerie Mastermind in March of the Machine–available everywhere Magic is sold on April 21!

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