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Track Down Sweet Promo Cards by Drafting Murders at Karlov Manor

December 19, 2023
Wizards of the Coast

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Starting with Murders at Karlov Manor, the best parts of Draft Boosters and Set Boosters combine to form Play Boosters, and we want to do something to make their arrival even more special.

Murders at Karlov Manor

WPN stores across the globe will receive three promos to share with players through a Murders at Karlov Manor Booster Draft event. These three promos will only be available in English, each in traditional foil.

Arcane Signet (Retro Frame Promo)
Chaos Warp (Promo)
Commander's Sphere (Promo)

How do you get your hands on these? It couldn't be easier: sign up for your favorite local game store's Murders at Karlov Manor Booster Draft event using your Wizards Account. You can use the Magic: The Gathering Companion app to make it even simpler for your store.

Once you're at the event, you'll receive one of the three promos. Each Murders at Karlov Manor Booster Draft event you attend may net you another! Be sure to get the full details on how you can earn all three from your local game store.

Ready to play? Use the store and event locator to find your local game store and sign up for their Murders at Karlov Manor Booster Draft events.

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