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Where and How to Play Dominaria United

August 30, 2022
Blake Rasmussen

It's time to present a united front. Dominaria—the place where Magic started, home to so many of our favorite characters, spells, and creatures—is in peril. If you want to do your part, to play with Dominaria United and push back the planar threats, then we've got the guide for you. Below you'll find the many different ways to play with the release of Dominaria United.

Many of the events we're discussing here are run through your local game store. Not sure what stores are nearby? Check out our store locator to find a community near you!

Let's take a look the Dominaria United events coming to a game store near you!

Prerelease: September 2–8

This is your first opportunity to play with Dominaria United on tabletop, so you'll definitely want to reserve your spot with your local game store today. The twist this time around is that you can also play with Dominaria United Jumpstart Boosters to smash two piles of cards together and start playing immediately!

Prereleases are Sealed events where you receive a Prerelease Pack with which to build a deck, and then you play against others doing the same! These events are pretty laid back, usually have a pretty flat prize distribution, and are intended for players of all experience levels. It's even a great event if you're just learning. Make sure to sign up early! Local store Prereleases can sell out.

Launch Party: September 9–11

Launch Party events celebrate the global release of a set and typically feature drafts and Sealed Deck play Much like Prereleases, Launch Parties are great entry points for new players, but don't be surprised to see longtime players in battles for hours on end. A new set did just come out, after all.

Game Day: September 17–25

Looking for something a bit more competitive? Game Day features a one-day tournament for Wizards Play Network stores loaded with cool promos as prizes. Stores may run these events as Standard, Dominaria United Draft, or Dominaria United Sealed.

Just for participating, you can receive this alternate version of Touch the Spirit Realm:

If you make the Top 8, you'll take home this beautiful Workshop Warchief:

And if you win the whole thing you'll take home this version of Shivan Devastator, a new card from Dominaria United!

Commander Party: September 30–October 2

Commander Parties return! As we delve into the story arc kicked off with Dominaria United, players will see their games altered by story moments at varying intervals. How you handle those moments can have an impact on future Commander parties for later sets!

And just for participating, you'll get a Phyrexian Dismember!

Store Championship: October 15-23

Are you the best player at your local game store? Not sure but want to prove you've got the chops? Store Championships will let you test your might—and get a unique promo card with the name of your store printed on it if you're competing in a WPN Premium store.

Stores can run events in Standard, Pioneer, Modern, or Limited, and just for participating you can get this Spell Pierce:

A Top 8 will earn you this very shiny Gilded Goose:

And if you are the best? How about a textless Omnath, Locus of Creation!

Friday Night Magic: Every Friday

Friday Night Magic is the core for players looking for something with the structure of a tournament but a few more notches toward friendly play than the competitive scene. Stores can run any format—Standard and Draft are common, but Pioneer, Modern, Commander, and more are all on the table—so check with your local game store for what types of events they run on Friday nights.

And just for playing at participating WPN stores, you can receive WPN Promo Packs containing some of these cards:

Commander Nights: Weeknights

Looking for something fun and casual on a weeknight of your store's choice? Then Commander Nights is the perfect fit for you! Meet up with your friends for an evening of Commander and play just as you would regularly or with an achievement sheet that your store can provide you for a little added twist!

Just like Friday Night Magic, you can receive WPN Promo Packs at Commander Nights. Check with your local store on how you might get one!

We'll be rolling out even more ways to play as the year goes on, so check back here with the release of every set to see how you can join in the fun at your local game store!

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