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2020 Players Tour Qualifier Promos

January 17, 2020
Wizards of the Coast

Qualifiers for Players Tour Series 2 events are underway as the first series of events in 2020 that can qualify you for the Players Tour, with more for future Players Tours to come throughout the year.

2020 Qualifier Dates

Qualifies For

1/11 through 3/29

Players Tour Series 2

4/3 through 7/26

Players Tour Series 3

7/31 through 11/22

Players Tour Series 4

Qualifiers—WPNQs, PTQs at local game stores and MagicFests, and Premier Series events such as the LatAm *Magic* Series and SCG Tour—all award unique promotional prize cards based on the Players Tour series it qualifies you for. Be sure to contact the event's tournament organizer to learn more about how prizes, including prize cards, will be awarded.

The first series of qualifiers awards Cryptic Command.

The following qualifier series—running April 3 through July 26—will award Surgical Extraction.

The third qualifier series of 2020—running July 31 through November 22—will award Aether Vial.

Check for upcoming qualifiers near you and take your step toward the Players Tour today.

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