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2020 MagicFest and Players Tour Schedule

March 12, 2020 update: With the developing situation regarding COVID-19, we are changing our schedule and will make additional changes based on government recommendations. Thank you for your patience as we continue to ensure health and safety at our large events. Please read our announcement for more information.

Get ready for a 2020 packed with ways to play Magic! Here’s our tabletop play event schedule from MagicFest all the way up to the Players Tour:

2020 Players Tour Schedule






Series 1

Jan. 31-Feb. 2, 2020

Players Tour Europe: Brussels

Theros Beyond Death Booster Draft // Pioneer


Feb. 1-2, 2020

Players Tour Asia-Pacific: Nagoya

Theros Beyond Death Booster Draft // Pioneer


Feb. 7-9, 2020

Players Tour Americas: Phoenix

Theros Beyond Death Booster Draft // Pioneer


Apr. 24-26, 2020

Players Tour Finals: Houston (Cancelled)

Pioneer // Standard


Series 2

May 29-31, 2020

Players Tour Europe: Prague (Cancelled)

Modern // Standard

Czech Republic

June 5-7, 2020

Players Tour Americas: Seattle (Cancelled)

Modern // Standard



Players Tour Asia-Pacific: Kitakyushu (Cancelled)

Modern // Standard


Jul. 10-12, 2020

Players Tour Finals: Minneapolis

Modern // Standard


Series 3

Oct. 9-11, 2020

Players Tour Americas: Washington DC

Zendikar Rising Booster Draft // Standard


Oct. 16-18, 2020

Players Tour Europe: Barcelona

Zendikar Rising Booster Draft // Standard


Oct. 17-18, 2020

Players Tour Asia-Pacific: Sydney

Zendikar Rising Booster Draft // Standard


TBD 2021

Players Tour Finals


2020 MagicFest Schedule

Dates Event Format Country Qualifies
Jan. 10-12, 2020 MagicFest Austin Modern USA Series 2
Jan. 24-26, 2020 MagicFest New Jersey Limited USA
Jan. 30-Feb. 2, 2020 MagicFest Brussels Pioneer Belgium
Jan. 31-Feb. 2, 2020 MagicFest Nagoya Pioneer Japan
Feb. 6-9, 2020 MagicFest Phoenix Pioneer USA
Feb. 28-Mar. 1, 2020 MagicFest Reno Limited USA
Mar. 6-8, 2020 MagicFest Lyon Standard France
Mar. 13-15, 2020 MagicFest Detroit (Cancelled) Standard USA
Mar. 20-22, 2020 MagicFest São Paulo (Cancelled) Modern Brazil
Mar. 27-29, 2020 MagicFest Louisville (Cancelled) Pioneer USA
Apr. 3-5, 2020 MagicFest Turin (Cancelled) Modern Italy Series 3
Apr. 10-12, 2020 MagicFest Palm Beach (Cancelled) Modern USA
Apr. 24-26, 2020 MagicFest Houston (Cancelled) Limited USA
Apr. 30-May 3, 2020 MagicFest Copenhagen (Cancelled) Limited Denmark
May 7-10, 2020 MagicFest Charlotte (Cancelled) Standard USA
May 8-10, 2020 MagicFest Kitakyushu (Cancelled) Standard Japan
May 22-24, 2020 MagicFest Toronto (Cancelled) Modern Canada
May 29-31, 2020 MagicFest Prague (Cancelled) Standard Czech Republic
Jun. 5-7, 2020 MagicFest Seattle (Cancelled) Team Limited USA
Jun. 12-14, 2020 MagicFest Valencia (Cancelled) Modern Spain
Jun. 19-21, 2020 MagicFest Providence (Cancelled) Pioneer USA
Jul. 10-12, 2020 MagicFest Minneapolis Limited USA
Jul. 17-19, 2020 MagicFest Liverpool Limited UK
Jul. 24-26, 2020 MagicFest San Jose Standard USA
Jul. 31-Aug. 2, 2020 MagicFest Strasbourg Pioneer France Series 4
Aug. 7-9, 2020 MagicFest Columbus Modern USA
Aug. 14-16, 2020 MagicFest Kobe TBA Japan
Aug. 21-23, 2020 MagicFest Bologna TBA Italy
Aug. 27-30, 2020 MagicFest Las Vegas TBA USA
Sep. 11-13, 2020 MagicFest Montreal TBA Canada
Oct. 8-11, 2020 MagicFest Washington DC TBA USA
Oct. 15-18, 2020 MagicFest Barcelona TBA Spain
Oct. 16-18, 2020 MagicFest Sydney TBA Australia
Oct. 23-25, 2020 MagicFest Milwaukee TBA USA
Oct. 30-Nov. 1, 2020 MagicFest Budapest TBA Hungary
Nov. 6-8, 2020 MagicFest Anaheim TBA USA
Nov. 13-15, 2020 MagicFest Utrecht TBA Netherlands
Nov. 20-22, 2020 MagicFest Memphis TBA USA
Nov. 27-29, 2020 MagicFest Nagoya TBA Japan Series 5
Dec. 4-6, 2020 MagicFest Hartford TBA USA
Dec. 11-13, 2020 MagicFest London TBA UK
Dec. 18-20, 2020 MagicFest Portland TBA USA

As shared in our 2020 Magic esports announcement, Grand Prix and the new Players Tour events are two steps on the path to qualifying for the Magic World Championship. With Grand Prix tournaments at all 42 MagicFest events scheduled around the world, 2020 can be your year to join professional Magic.

Open to anyone who registers, Grand Prix award invitations to the Players Tour—and the winner is invited directly to the Players Tour Finals as well.

Visit the CFB Events website for more MagicFest details.

Players Tour events are the next step on the path to the Magic World Championship. While Grand Prix are an exciting way to qualify, they aren’t the only route to competing on the Players Tour:

  • All players from the previous Players Tour Finals (details on how top finishers from tabletop Mythic Championships in 2019 will qualify for the Players Tour will be announced prior to Mythic Championship VII)
  • Top finishers by record from the previous Players Tour
  • All MPL players
  • All Rivals players
  • Players who finish in the Top 8 or with at least 39 match points at individual Grand Prix
  • Top 4 teams and all other teams with at least 36 match points at team Grand Prix
  • Last Chance Qualifier winners held the day before Players Tour events
  • WPN Qualifiers
  • Players Tour Qualifiers
  • Premier Series events
  • MTGO Qualifiers
  • Hall of Fame status
  • Discretionary invitations

Prizes and the number of invites for the Players Tour events will vary by region.

  • Players Tour Americas: approximately 500 players; $250,000 prize pool
  • Players Tour Europe: approximately 400 players; $200,000 prize pool
  • Players Tour Asia-Pacific: approximately 250 players; $150,000 prize pool

Of course, doing well at a Players Tour event can earn you an invitation to the global Players Tour Finals for that series, and an opportunity to take home your part of the $250,000 prize pool. Here's how you can qualify for each Players Tour Finals:

  • Top finishers from Players Tour events (based on record)
  • Top finishers from previous Players Tour Finals
  • All 24 MPL players
  • Each Grand Prix winner in a qualifying season

Players Tour and Players Tour Finals events will take place alongside MagicFest events as well, providing you more opportunities to play and compete with the best in the world.

Check out the entire 2020 MagicFest and Players Tour schedule to find your next event today.