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January 2021 Esports Update

January 27, 2021
Wizards of the Coast

Here's some of the latest dates, formats, and information for Magic Esports competitors as we continue through 2021!

Upcoming Dates and Formats

The final Kaldheim Qualifier Weekend will take place February 27 and 28 using the Standard format. With Kaldheim releasing on MTG Arena January 28 and the February 2021 Ranked Season beginning at noon on January 31, you'll have plenty of time and reason to practice with the latest Standard format.

Event Dates Format(s)
March Strixhaven Qualifier Weekend March 13–14, 2021 Kaldheim Sealed
Kaldheim Championship March 26–28, 2021 Standard and Historic
April Strixhaven Qualifier Weekend April 10–11, 2021 Historic
April Strixhaven League Weekend April 10–11, 2021 TBA
May Strixhaven Qualifier Weekend May 15–16, 2021 Standard
May Strixhaven League Weekend May 15–16, 2021 TBA
Strixhaven Championship June 4–6, 2021 Standard and Historic
July Strixhaven League Weekend July 3–4, 2021 TBA

We've been listening to player feedback and will announce the format and details for the March Strixhaven Qualifier Weekend soon.

Policy and Rules Details

The Policy section for our MTG Arena events is regularly updated with links to key rules, policies, and information for Magic Esports. There are a few updates you competitors should be aware of:

  • Added rules for invitation to the upcoming Strixhaven Championship and 2020–21 postseason Gauntlet events
  • Updated February Qualifier weekend details

Plus, you can look forward to February 2021 ranked season information when the season resets on January 31.

And if you were curious about how Standard and Historic are split across rounds at the Kaldheim Championship, the Information for Invitees will have all the crunchy details. Most importantly, the Sunday double-elimination Top 8 will feature Standard, closing out Kaldheim's spotlight just as we look forward to Strixhaven: School of Mages joining the format in April. Updates

Recently, we've updated with a new look—what you're seeing right now—and a few backend changes to improve what we deliver for competitors and fans in the future.

What has changed?

We've updated the styling of the site to better align with the current aesthetics used on our esports broadcasts, as well as new options on the backend for how and where we show content. The team continues to prioritize functionality, performance, and bug fixes in our work to improve the features and functionality of the website.

Has any content moved?

Nope. No content has been moved and there have been no changes to URLs within the site. No bookmarks or hyperlinks were harmed in the making of this visual update. We will continue to identify missing or outdated details, as well as broken links, and correct them as information is verified—specifically across the Event Archive.

Why update now?

2020 was an unprecedented year. 2021 continues the challenge, but we wanted to turn the page with a fresh start in spirit. Beyond the improved visual alignment, the changes made to the website let us share more of our excitement and focus on other improvements for the remainder of the 2020–21 season and beyond.

The Cleanup Step

We'll share the March Strixhaven Qualifier Weekend format and details soon, with more in the queue behind that. As always you can share your questions and concerns—about and Magic Esports—anytime with us on Twitter at @MagicEsports!

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