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Shi Wei Chung Triumphs with Azorius Control at MIT Championship

May 27, 2024
Frank Karsten

This past weekend, 79 competitors gathered in Taipei City for the MIT Championship Finals. On the line were not only three Pro Tour slots but also the title of Regional Champion and the corresponding World Championship seat. After seven rounds of Standard competition followed by a Top 8 playoff, the trophy was claimed by Shi Wei Chung, piloting a well-tuned Azorius Control deck!

Congratulations to Shi Wei Chung, winner of the MIT Championship!

Shi Wei Wung, a 28-year-old player who qualified via RCQ at Academy Legacy Games, chose Azorius Control because "it's nice to deal with most decks of the metagame". His list is a relatively stock version of the archetype, albeit with a spicy copy of See Double in the sideboard, which he picked as his best card of the weekend: "The key of winning always came from my opponent."

Shi Wei Chung overcame Chen Szu Yuan's Boros Convoke in the finals of the MIT Championship.

In the finals, Shi Wei Chung defeated Chen Szu Yuan on Boros Convoke, the deck that dominated the Top 8. Even though Chen Szu Yuan had Aven Interrupter in his sideboard to delay the pivotal sweepers, the Azorius Control strategy with four copies of Temporary Lockdown between main deck and sideboard was able to keep the token-based strategy in check. With his victory, Shi Wei Chung locked up an invitation to Magic World Championship 30!

Top 3 Players Qualified For The Pro Tour

With three Pro Tour invites on the line, the quarterfinals and semifinals were tense. The Top 8 was dominated by Boros Convoke, with four players combining Knight-Errant of Eos and Gleeful Demolition. Out of the four different archetypes in the Top 8, only Azorius Control managed to advance to the semifinals, but once there, Shi Wei Chung was able to cruise to victory.

Top 3 players: Huang Liang Yi, Shi Wei Chung, and Chen Szu Yuan

In the playoffs for 3rd and 4th place, Huang Liang Yi emerged victorious over Chen Szu Yuan. Congratulations to the Top 3 players in the final standings of MIT Championship, who earned invites to Pro Tour Modern Horizons 3. We look forward to seeing you represent your region there! You can see the Top 3 decklists below.

A Memorable Event With A Diverse Metagame

Standard showed a wide diversity of archetypes at the MIT Championships. All in all, the event featured plenty of hard-fought Standard matches, representing another memorable focal point for Magic in the region.

A crowd of 79 players gathered at The Breeze Center in Taipei City for the MIT Championship.

Competition was fierce, with everyone bringing their best Standard decks to the tournament.

The Top 8 players battled for three Pro Tour slots, the title of Regional Champion, and the corresponding World Championship seat.

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