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The 6-0 Draft Metagame at Mythic Championship VI

November 09, 2019
Corbin Hosler

After dozens of decklists yesterday that demonstrated the best way to play through Throne of Eldraine Draft at Mythic Championship VI, we wanted to check back in on the format after the conclusion of the second draft Saturday. With a cut to the field after Day One, the tournament was as competitive as it gets, giving a unique glimpse into the top levels of Throne Limited.

Six competitors completed the 6-0 feat, running back their perfect Day 1 draft records on Saturday with the following decks:

  • Austin Bursavich (Blue-Red)
  • Josh Utter-Leyton (Green-White)
  • Andrew Cuneo (Mono-Blue)
  • Jack Kiefer (Green-White)
  • Mack Smith (Blue-Green)
  • Stephen Tuchek (Black-Red)

The most interesting deck by far belonged to Magic Pro League member Andrew Cuneo, who proved against one of our takeaways from yesterday: You don't have to play two colors to find success in the unique Throne format.

Cuneo found success with mono-blue after extensive practice with the format. But it turns out that being naturally great at draft works, too – Josh Utter-Leyton demonstrated that after a perfect run even though he hadn't drafted the format before.

He did so utilizing the archetype that performed best yesterday and accounted for two of the six players' second 3-0 – in Utter-Leyton's case, with a 16-land deck featuring bombs Wicked Wolf, Lovestruck Beast and a full four Wildwood Tracker, all supplemented by the best adventure cards in the set.

In other words, always trust your Faerie Guidemother when she sends you on an adventure.

With their 6-0 finishes, these players set themselves up for a possible Top 8 run – Standard looks a lot more manageable when you emerge from the draft rounds without a loss.

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