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Upcoming MTG Arena Ranked Season Qualification and Players Tour Qualifiers

May 29, 2020
Wizards of the Coast

Ranked Season Qualification on MTG Arena

As shared today, our competitive structures will move to set-based competitive seasons beginning with Zendikar Rising. The June 2020 Ranked Season on MTG Arena will continue invitation of the top 1,200 Mythic-ranked competitors to a qualifier event that leads to the highest levels of Magic Esports. July and August 2020 Ranked Season play will as well.

[Updated June 18, 2020.] Additionally, the Top 200 Mythic Point earning players from Q2 Ranked Season events—April 2020 Mythic Point Challenge; as well as the May and June 2020 Mythic Qualifiers—will have invitation to the upcoming qualifier event.

More details about the Zendikar Season, and what these events qualify into, will be shared later this summer.

Upcoming Qualifiers

Qualifying paths are wrapping up, but there is still time for players to earn invitation for upcoming events.

Players Tour

Mythic Invitational

As announced, all players with qualification to a Players Tour will have their qualification honored through our upcoming Players Tour events with MTG Arena. You can verify your invitation to the upcoming Players Tour events online.

What Comes Next

The first Arena Open starts on May 30, with players who make Day 2 able to earn up to $2,000 based on their win record in this first iteration. As shared today, starting this (northern hemisphere) fall, rather than commit to a year-long season when there is so much unknown we'll be shifting to set-based competitive seasons.

Later this summer we'll be sharing details around the Zendikar Season of competitive play. There will be a Swiss-style, best-of-three championship fed by qualifiers and played for prize money with coverage at the end. And as we look to 2021, we're planning to be adaptable and flexible as pandemic conditions evolve and as we test and learn from online remote-play competitions.

Elaine Chase, VP Esports, shared more about our thoughts on competitive tabletop Magic in the future. Click here to learn more.

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