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March Strixhaven Qualifier Weekend Formats

February 10, 2021
Wizards of the Coast

With the February 2021 MTG Arena Open featuring the debut of competitive Sealed Deck as a format for MTG Arena, we're continuing the opportunity to qualify for an upcoming Championship event at the March Strixhaven Qualifier Weekend, taking place March 13–14, 2021.

Competitors earning entry to the Qualifier Weekend from the Arena Open continue with Kaldheim Sealed as the format as the top-performing players of MTG Arena join the challenge in a new format.

However, there are a few important differences and overlaps between this month's Arena Open and the March Strixhaven Qualifier Weekend:

  • Like previous Qualifier Weekends, entry to the March Strixhaven Qualifier Weekend must be earned through a strong finish in the previous Qualifier Weekend (the February Kaldheim Qualifier Weekend can unlock entry in March), a strong finish (at least five wins on Day 2) in the February 2021 Arena Open, or ending the previous MTG Arena ranked season in the top 1,200 Mythic-ranked players in either Constructed or Limited. (The February 2021 Ranked Season ends February 28 at 12:00 p.m. PT.) There is no gem or gold cost of entry for the Qualifier Weekend event.
  • The format is Best-of-Three (Bo3) Kaldheim "Phantom" Sealed, meaning the cards players open for the event will not be added to their account—but will be available to use inside the event.
  • Similar to February's Arena Open, players will have a pool of six Kaldheim Limited boosters to build a minimum 40-card deck from. All cards not part of a person's 40-card deck will be part of that player's sideboard. Players may modify their 40-card deck between matches so long as they are active in the event.
  • And, like previous Qualifier Weekends, players are limited to one entry on Day 1 through the token provided to their account. Players will not have multiple opportunities to attempt the event course with different Kaldheim Sealed pools.

If you're ready to brush up and put your Kaldheim Sealed skills to the test against the best, the Arena Open February 20–21 will be your first chance to prove it. For more March Strixhaven Qualifier Weekend details, please visit the Qualifier Weekend information page or review the complete Strixhaven Qualifier Weekend rules.

Good luck—and we'll see you at the March Strixhaven Qualifier Weekend!

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